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If an Omaha, Lincoln or Nebraska state municipality has notified you that they are going to acquire your property via condemnation, you should immediately consult with experienced counsel at Douglas Ruge & Associates. While a Nebraska municipality must provide “just compensation,” the amount of offered compensation may not be sufficient. Fortunately, pursuant to Nebraska State law, property owners have the right to contest the offered compensation. Our firm is experienced at the pre-trial, trial and appellate levels of review in Nebraska condemnation matters.Omaha Real Estate Planning Attorney Doug Ruge on Facebook

Omaha, Lincoln & Nebraska Condemnation/Eminent Domain Attorneys

Nebraska law dictates that government entities have the authority to “take” real estate that is held privately in exchange for “just compensation.” When the compensation offered by the municipality differs significantly from an eventual Court award, it is also possible to obtain legal fees from the condemning authority.

When a property is being acquired by a Nebraska government agency under a threat of condemnation through the power of eminent domain, a property or business owner should immediately explore hiring an experienced eminent domain lawyer. This is advisable for several reasons that include:

  • Independent Valuation of Property
  • Court-Supervised Eminent Domain Proceedings
  • Recoverable Elements in Condemnation
  • Recoverable Elements in Condemnation
  • Relocation Benefits
  • Environmental Contamination and Remediation

Our firm can help you navigate the condemnation process, including cases of “partial takings,” and obtain the compensation you deserve for your property. We work with appraisers and other valuation experts to obtain the most favorable results possible.

For more information regarding eminent domain and condemnation in Omaha, Lincoln & Nebraska, Contact Douglas W. Ruge for a consultation at (402) 964-4617 or contact usonline.