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Experienced Real Estate Attorney – Omaha to Lincoln Nebraska

Real estate issues can be complex and technical.  We offer specific legal knowledge in many aspects of real estate law.  Since 1994 we have represented many individuals in real estate transactions from homeowners experiencing problems in buying and selling homes, to one of the largest residential real estate broker, its agents, developers, builders, homeowners associations, commercial brokerages, transactional and lease negotiations and many other individuals.Omaha Real Estate Planning Attorney Doug Ruge on Facebook

Nebraska Real Estate Law

We are skilled at resolving a full range of real estate issues through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.  Our Omaha real estate law offices assist clients with the following:

  • Assisting Commercial and Residential Brokerages.  Brokerages and their agents necessarily involve themselves with activities governed by both Federal and State Law.  Real estate forms used by brokers can be complex and need a trained eye.  Our extensive experience involves litigation, arbitration, mediation and defending in final governmental agencies such as the Real Estate Commission.  We also have extensive experience in dealing with governmental agencies in development of real property.
  • Real Estate Transactional Work.  Even for the simplest real estate transactions, it is advisable to consult an attorney regarding transactional documents such as purchase agreements and disclosures.  We bring extensive experience in more complex commercial transactions which, in addition to purchase agreements and disclosures, often involve review of lengthy leases and general due diligence.
  • Homeowners’ Associations, Condominiums and Townhome Regimes. We are experienced in representing small and large homeowners’ associations.  We have created many homeowners associations, condo regimes and townhomes.  We have an active practice in this area.
  • Builders and Developers.  We have extensive experience in helping commercial and residential developers and builders.  This includes dealing with governmental agencies, negotiations for both individuals or developers, review of transactional documents and helping with the creation of documents, forms and general advising developers and builders on their business structures.
  • Real Estate Litigation.  We have extensive experience in all areas of real estate litigation mentioned above.  This includes frequent trials and frequent arguments in front of the Court of Appeals and State Supreme Court.